Together, we can create meaningful communities for athletes with autism

In 2019, we’re planning to establish 12 additional Chapters, more than quadrupling our impact from last year! Your generosity as a donor is what makes our work possible.

Not only will you be helping bringing athletic opportunities to over 5,000 children this year, you will be a part of our first steps towards a broader vision to be a national leader in creating opportunities and community for people with autism. Your tax-deductible donation to Step Ahead helps us provide athletic opportunities for children with autism across the nation!

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Where will my donation go?

All donations go to help cover the costs of establishing programs nationwide, directly or indirectly.

  • $10 covers the cost of an athlete’s participation in one 8-week season of Step Ahead

  • $500 funds the establishment of a new Step Ahead Chapter

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Where have donations gone in the past?

To date, your donations have funded athletic opportunities for more than 300 children across the country.

Our annual report shows donors where donations have gone, and how many children were impacted.

We are constantly working to maximize the impact of every dollar donated so that more children can join us in our mission.


Can I send a check instead of donating online?

Sure! Mail checks to our fiscal sponsor: Social Good Fund, PO Box 5473, Richmond, CA 94805

If you opt to mail your contribution, please note that the donation is for Step Ahead! Please also share the date and amount of your mailed contribution with to receive a donation receipt for your tax filing.