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Not For Me, For Them

Lessons learned in her final season of collegiate competition - Founder Annie Marggraff shares the heartbreak and realizations made during the last few months as a student-athlete at Washington University in St. Louis. Read the article here!

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Step Ahead Founder featured in MOTIVATE Magazine

Step Ahead Founder Annie Marggraff is featured in the April issue of MOTIVATE Magazine. The magazine was founded by Marggraff’s friend Bella Glanville, an International Model, TED Speaker, and Coach and Founder of the 'Lovekidz' Foundation.

"The mission of this magazine is to give people a voice. There are so many different changes that people want to make in the world, so I created this magazine as a platform for sharing those ideas. "

Read the magazine here!

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Step Ahead Founder named Westly Prize finalist

Founder and Executive Director of Step Ahead, Annie Marggraff, was recently named a finalist for the Westly Prize, a cash prize given once a year to early-stage, young social innovators in California with novel solutions to community challenges. The Westly Prize is funded by the Westly Foundation and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

First Step Ahead Chapter Featured in Medical Journal Publication

The first Chapter of Step Ahead, based at Washington University in St. Louis, is the focus of a recently published Letter to the Editor in the December 2018 Issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Founder and Executive Director of Step Ahead, Annie Marggraff, co-authored the piece with nationally renowned autism researcher, Dr. John Constantino. The Letter, titled “Physical and Psychosocial Impact of a University-Based, Volunteer Student-Led Running Program for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder” explores the quantitative and qualitative results of the Step Ahead Chapter at Washington University. You can read the article here.

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Step Ahead Wins International Fellowship Award

Step Ahead was recently awarded a year-long fellowship through The Gratitude Network, a Bay Area-based non-profit that supports social impact ventures internationally. As part of the 2018 Cohort, Step Ahead will receive 1 year of intense mentoring and coaching to help scale the organization.

Runner’s Magazine: "For Many With Autism, Running Is A Sport That Fits"

Runner's Magazine recently published an article featuring outstanding elite runners that are autistic. The article goes on to make incredibly positive connections between running and its effects on individuals with autism. 

..."Despite its benefits, no one is claiming that running is the equivalent of a magic pill that will eradicate the challenges that people with autism face. But researchers acknowledge that the use of exercise as an intervention is currently undervalued....

“Exercise is not likely to be effective as a stand-alone treatment for autism,” Lang said. “You’re never going to run your autism away. But it could be considered as complementary to the treatment of autism as it is to the treatment of other health issues like heart disease.”

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