College student-athletes who are dedicated to their communities.


Our coaching staff is made up of student-athletes from all sports at colleges around the country. Step Ahead Chapters provide a unique opportunity for student-athletes to incorporate their love of sports with their love of their surrounding community.

“Athletes” (children) are paired up with their own personal “coach” (student-athlete) at the start of the season. Each coach works with their athlete one-on-one throughout the season to tailor the amount of activity and running to their athlete’s specific needs. This consistency allows the athlete and coach to build trust and a friendship over the course of the season.

Prior to coaching, all of our coaches are required to attend a training session led by a board certified behavior analyst. During this time, the coaches will learn more about autism spectrum disorder and how to best interact with the children and react to different behaviors.

Acting as coaches and executive team members, student athletes have a chance to demonstrate and advance their leadership skills honed throughout years of participating on athletic teams. Founding a chapter and organizing weekly practices furthers leadership abilities.

By spending time together outside of practice, student-athletes strengthen connections with teammates while sharing their passions to work with children. Student athlete coaches learn to teach teamwork to the children, which can help them understand how to become a better teammate for their peers.

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