Step 1

Contact us and find out more about the time commitment and responsibilities of founding a Chapter. Establishing a Chapter takes dedication and organization, and the final product is more than worth the time! Talk with your teammates and check with the athletic department about its rules; it takes teamwork to begin the program.

After learning more and getting the green light, make the commitment to founding a Team Chapter at your school!

Step 2

You will be paired with a mentor from our national team, who will work with your leadership team continuously in your start-up stage. Founding a Chapter takes approximately four months, so you’ll begin in April (for a fall start date) or October (for a spring start date). The road map to founding a Chapter, as well as your first season’s supplies, are supplied by Step Ahead.

Assign leadership positions, begin a conversation with your university athletic department, and start recruiting families and volunteers. 

Step 3

Your season has arrived! Host your first practice and see the incredible impact that one hour once a week can have.